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Political Stage

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the
Political Stage 

To all Readers

Germany, Luebeck, September 6, 2023
The German-language document you may find here!

Cluster munition on one side and insufficient information flow in the matter on the other side! 

Or: The devil has almost everyone firmly in his grip!

                     Dear Readers, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Political Stage,
As reported in the news, the inhumane actions in the war zones continue to take their course and intensify day by day.
You, however, as the current political cast, are powerless and watch as one or another current ruler tramples on human dignity!
Cluster bombs are outlawed by many countries of the world, but not by all countries of the world. These and other bombs are legitimized by the industry by being allowed to produce them and whether it is a war or peacetime, these laid bombs unfortunately do not ask about that!
Just the USA has also supplied Ukraine with cluster bombs for warfare against Russia and thus many unexploded bombs lie around in different areas and can still "go off" after years.

It can affect a healthy and happy child that is not even born yet by could stepping on such a cluster bomb in the forest. From this child possibly thereby a person with a torn off leg will become and still the half face is missing to this person on lifetime, too!

What actually goes on in the heads of such weapon developers? What exactly are these people and did these people develop these and other weapons voluntarily or did someone force them to do so? 
Were these people promised a lot of money and fame or why do these and other weapons exist all over the world?
Do these weapons exist only as a deterrent and if so, why do you have weapons pointed at other people and kill people and why can't anyone stop you? Of course, this also concerns chemical or nuclear weapons and all other criminal uses of highly toxic substances or radiation and many other things.

Already in my time as a teenager a teacher at that time, who was a member of the party of the NPD, reported about fountain pens, which lay disguised as cluster mines on the ground, which did not miss its effect especially with children during and after the Second World War!
This and much more one can simply not really believe and process as a human being and suppresses the monstrously devilish, which exists in the whole world!

In the meantime probably many people have been killed or tortured, because they have stood against this devilish application and against the methods of the way of life and indifference to the weak, but until today no human being could really achieve something penetrating!
Now at the end of the time there are presidents and so-called would-be-great-honors, who will dwell in the castles or palaces of the world or will want to meet in a castle and for this reason also will consider themselves the greatest of all times.

Any so-called president who uses cluster bombs or cluster mines especially also by missiles and drops them on the earth does not belong in any case in a castle or in a palace, because such a behavior must be classified as contemptuous of human beings and has nothing to do with a warfare but with a great weakness of human leadership and even more with a cowardly contempt of human beings.

           The same applies to the use of nuclear warheads or atomic and chemical weapons.

It is even more devastating when a ruler or his regime drops these outlawed weapons on his own people and directs them against his own people, or manipulates and uses these weapons accordingly in order to blame these acts on another war leader through cunning and trickery, whereby it may also be neighboring states that could make use of such methods.

Another great weakness of today's presidents, who particularly like to live in a palace and do not want to give way, is shown by the banishment of religious symbols, in that Christianity is particularly affected, since many Christian-based states and presidents are ringing in the sellout of their own religion and are subject to resistance from other believers, for example, to have the Christian cross removed from schools or public buildings.

Also this is a very big weakness of a leadership and a leader who has nothing more but also nothing at all to look for in a palace or a castle because the most important in the life of every person and therefore the most important for the whole people should be made unrecognizable and at best is made recognizable as a subordinate insignificant secondary matter and that is made possible by a single weak person! Thus, my person immediately calls upon you as president and others concerned to vacate the palace or castle that you occupied as a would-be.

You and others had more than enough time to make yourselves knowledgeable in the matter and in the commission. You as a Russian and you as a Frenchman were welcome to my person to remain resident in a castle, which is no longer true. Too much weakness and cowardice as a leading person of the end time cannot tolerate my person in the name and in the matter of all and everything any longer! 

Should King Juergen or even the Emperor want to tolerate you and your regime in a castle, then it shell be so*, as the heads of the house will of course have the last word in this respect!

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP: In order to weaken the seriousness in the matter somewhat, my person would like to end with the following words: My person would want to give you and your kind at least a "firecracker" daily, you cowards of the end-time!

*Document checked on 04. 04. 2024.