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das Weltkulturerbe

Timed out at Whitsun

Dear Readers, My Dear Fruits or my Dear Plague of Locusts,
Eat your way through at someone`s else expensive and continue to use the options offered to you to go or to fly on a so-called "well-deserved" vacation, so that your sick psyche can be satisfied for a while!

The time intervals between the greed for variety and luxury of your seriously ill psyche, which once again wants to escape the daily routine with all its compulsions and burdens and with the whish to want to experience something, unfortunately is going to become shorter and shorter and you and your kind will become increasingly unbearable!

Run to the churches and get the help you need!

Happy Holidays with a lot of grilled meat or with full plates and with all your other amusements and addictions wishes

yours Animal tamer

Luebeck, Germany, May 30, 2020

HP : If you have to stay at home, then at least eat your fill!