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Dear Readers,

Yesterday, many of us as German TV viewers saw the gala "A Heart for Children", which STAR-studded gala can be classified as successful and very entertaining, with almost every guest or viewer having to hold onto their tears.

Particularly beautiful voices and STARS could be admired but at the same time the progressive suffering of children in the capitalist countries was also shown. Now money is urgently needed for the expansion of hospital wards for particularly rare children's diseases, which are probably caused by defective genes.

The Cancer of the newborns or children have also clearly spread or established, which is a terrible matter for everyone involved!  Mr. Vladimir K., who spoke about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in his home country, received a special "Heart for Children" award this year, with  his words of thanks included the cycle of life.

He only managed it with his fists and thereby used the opportunity to acquire a doctorate and through this he published as a role model function with a trained strong will, which according to Mr. V. K. should point the way, according to him the children of the Ukraine, his homeland, good prospects for the future in order to be able to have success in life, which was also put across in this form and through the overall picture shown.

The laudation for Mr. Vladimir K. was given by the Minister of Health Mr. J. S, who also presented the award, but a former Federal Minister of Family Policy and now State Minister, Ms. M. S, was also present, not to forget the Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Ms. J. K. but too, not to forget the current Federal Minister for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth Ms. F. G., regarding the needy children, it cannot be a coincidence that precisely these people and ministries were present with regard to the catastrophic extent of children's diseases!

In my opinion, all these politicians present are powered with a good and suitable character for a position in the civil service, whereby the belief in God presumably only distinguishes one of the politicians, what basically has to be a prerequisite for an office in the civil service.

But my person also admires those who, without belief in God, have a good character despite it, although the fundamental thoughts and thus the inferred decisions of such a politician without belief in God have never made the cycle of life functional or never functional can be secured and the cycle of life cannot be maintained because this cycle has to strike back at some point!

Unfortunately, this has already become clear recognizable and has long since happened; the zeitgeist is now advancing with giant strides, almost inexorably!  Of course, the best character of a politician in the civil service is of no use or changing anything if the expert knowledge in church, business, family and politics is simply not sufficient, e. g. by immediately creating and maintaining a balance for the cycle of life!

How is that supposed to work?

This works in exactly the same way as my person has worked it out for decades by order of the Lord and of our`s all Creator and has already announced it on her various homepages as well as ordered in the matter!

For this purpose, predetermined and called persons are present and intended in the world or ordered elsewhere!  This and more can only be made possible together with "Mama and Papa" and with King J.. But the dear "Mama" loves to hit elsewhere with a rod or, more precisely, with a sturdy Cudgel!

I will teach you and the likes of you through the "invisible Cudgel" of my person, so that you will learn to pray and thank for a piece of bread and a sip of water on your knees, because yesterday you forgot  "A Heart for Children" on the program to name the number of healthy born children in Africa and Asia who have had to and must die every day for decades for completely trivial reasons, what everyone present and also the viewers of the TV show had known and will know themselves!

And now every thinking person should slowly but surely be able to put two and two together!

Have a thoughtful Second Advent!


Second Advent

And the Third follows at the same time ................