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Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Allotment Garden Association e. V.

Sandkrugskoppel 99

23564 Luebeck

Tuesday, 27 August 2002

Free English translation on 17 November 2021.

Garden Neighbourhood

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am sure that some of you will have noticed yesterday's dispute between myself and the allotment tenant of plot XY.

For this reason I would like to ask you to ensure a sensible regulation, so that every tenant and especially the children and toddlers present are guaranteed a normal and relaxing stay in the garden area. It cannot be true that a German pensioner can buy young girls from abroad and then also publicly confront and irritate the children.

As far as I know, the garden neighbours of the aforementioned tenant also have daughters or granddaughters. What would they or you say if, for financial reasons, your own daughters could no longer be fed and a Filipino pensioner, for example, took them or your daughter abroad? You, however, as a garden neighbour, only watch how an old man uses a young beautiful girl and makes the next young beautiful girl to an expecting mother.

For a long time I have noticed that it is good for you and other so-called men when a woman has a heavy load to carry. Whether a woman already has to climb on the roof of a gazebo to mend the roof or has to plough to earn a living, you feel it is quite normal.

Unfortunately, normality has long since fallen by the wayside, as you and your ilk watch a young foreign girl struggle through life, or did you perhaps think that the pensioner, who could already be her grandfather, would have had any chance at all with the girl or young woman, unless she must have been in dire straits and certainly had no better way out? Should my person prevail, then you too will still get to know life and learn how a man has to act.

You will now please talk to the tenant as a garden neighbour about the fact that he has to take a backseat as far as the young woman is concerned, so that she also still gets a fair chance to secure her future and the future of her daughter.

Some neighbours have built up a relationship of trust with the said tenant, whereby it is not just about this one tenant, and should speak reasonably to this gentleman, so that he even understands the seriousness behind such a relationship. He should also be able to recognise that he has taken on too much, whereby a young person's life is being ruined.

Since I also have to give up the two gardens from Rosenweg for financial reasons, which I actually thought were primarily for my........., hopefully you will now be more independent and correct in your garden club management in the future, as men and not as silly garden gnomes.

My person has already dealt with this topic, which clearly belongs to sex tourism, in writing and has written to the relevant institutions and politicians, so I may assume that the contents of the letters will be implemented as well as a letter that concerns the entire allotment garden associations.

With kind Regards

Yours ....

My person would also like to publish this letter, respecting the persons, so that everybody understands what is going on!